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Helicopter transfer to Formula 1

Would you like to arrive to the same spot as the Formula-1 pilots do?

Book your tickets on time for the annual Formula-1 Hungarian Grand Prix and arrive in our exclusive helicopters right next to the reacetrack where you might have a chance to meet some of the pilots in person.
With us you can avoid the traffic chaos prevailing at the time of the race and discover the beauty of Budapest during the flight which only takes 20 minutes back and forth from downtown.

We transport Formula-1 lovers for many years now from downtown Budapest (Drava street) or if possible directly from the hotel yard to the Hungaroring racetrack.

After arriving to the recatrack shuttle buses take the passengers to the gate of the appropriate sector.

The race itself or even pratice days can be visited by our helicopter able to carry up to 6 passengers in convenient leather seats. Transfer from Budapest downtown hotels to the heliport is provided on request for extra fee. Bank cards are accepted on the scene.


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